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northeast group. llc leverages its research expertise in the energy and smart grid sectors on custom-tailored, client-driven projects. We have capabilities in a number of different areas, including the following:

smart grid - smart meter deployments and other smart grid projects such as distributed generation, distribution automation, home area networks, electric vehicles and other areas that are changing the traditional electric utility landscape;

sustainability - the trend towards sustainable business practices does not simply mean "doing good" but rather is also critical to ensuring good business results and positive investment outcomes. Careful consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is required for any firm or country to succeed in today's marketplace;

energy forecasting and statistical trends - the ability to extrapolate current and likely trends a few months to several years into the future is critical to success, especially for energy companies given today's challenges;

political and country risk - when doing business abroad, any business plan must include a comprehensive political and country risk component.

We have completed a number of projects in all of these areas. To the right is a sampling of our project work.

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recent projects

smart grid – development of a smart grid strategy for an investor-owned utility in the US, including:

  • smart meter (AMI) deployment;
  • plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) strategy;
  • home area network (HAN) strategy;
  • distributed generation (DG) strategy.

Feasibility study for a smart metering deployment in South Africa;

sustainability – benchmark and ranking of the sustainability of world cities for a multi-national corporation; research and writing of a white paper on future trends of sustainability over a 3-5 year period for a professional services firm (climate change, post-Kyoto Protocol scenarios, potential US legislation and mechanisms, prospects for renewable energy);

energy forecasting and statistical trends – simulation of energy scenarios to 2030 for a Fortune 100 oil and gas company; research and analysis of all domestic energy resources in North America for a Washington, DC public relations firm;

political and country risk - analysis for a think tank on the threats of the theft and proliferation of nuclear materials; forecast of the labor supply and labor risk in two key markets where a global mining firm was looking to expand; assessment of the political and country risk of 20 potential new markets a Fortune 100 insurance company was looking to enter.