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Support your business strategy with subscription research and data on the smart cities and smart utility infrastructure markets.

About Us

Northeast Group is a boutique market intelligence firm focused on the global smart infrastructure sector. We provide subscription research and data services covering the growth of digital infrastructure in the municipal and utility sectors.

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Markets We Serve

Our research and data is focused on the key infrastructure markets undergoing rapid digitalization through the addition of sensors, two-way communications and analytics. These include municipal infrastructure segments that are key to smart cities development and also smart utilities infrastructure segments. Some of the specific markets we cover include smart street lighting, smart metering and other smart grid segments, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, smart parking and a number of others. We are recognized by our clients for the granularity of our data which goes down to the country level for 130+ countries globally and down to the city-level in many cases.

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Services We Offer

Research & Data Subscriptions

Our annual research subscriptions provide strategic insights for our clients on the global smart infrastructure market. They include access to our back catalog of research and data, new content published over the coming 12-month period and analyst hours for questions and custom research requests. This steady stream of intelligence keeps clients abreast of new developments in the sector.

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Custom Research

Northeast Group also provides tailored solutions for clients. These range from white papers and webinars to market entry strategies and competitor analyses.

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Latest Research

  • April 2024

    US Distribution Grid Sensors

    A study of the market for distribution grid sensors in the United States. Market segments include: line sensors, distribution transformer monitors and distribution automation devices on AMI and cellular networks. Research includes market share data for the leading vendors.

  • March 2024

    Research Note

    An 8-page research note covering the DistribuTech conference held in Orlando, Florida.

  • February 2024

    EV Managed Charging

    A study and benchmark of the electric vehicle managed charging programs of the top 100 US utilities. Includes forecast of aggregate DER capacity from these programs.

  • January 2024

    Outlook 2024: Top 50 Global AMI Markets

    A study of the leading 50 countries for smart metering (AMI) investment over the next five years. Research includes both first-time and AMI 2.0 deployments.

Additional Research

Client Testimonials

We derived a lot of value from Northeast Group’s annual research subscription. Their reports provided insights for setting our strategies for different regions around the world. We certainly appreciate the independent and objective perspectives.

- Signify (formerly Philips Lighting)

Northeast Group’s research into the outdoor smart street lighting market is always extremely insightful, and is the most accurate around.

- Will Gibson, Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Telensa

In my opinion, the level of analysis and detail in the United States LED & Smart Street Lighting: Market Forecast exceeds anything we can get from other market research vendors on this topic. I trust Northeast Group’s methodology and results in quantifying this highly fragmented market.

- Wendy Lohkamp, Director, Market Intelligence, Itron Inc.

Northeast Group’s market research covers a broad spectrum of topics at a level of detail, accuracy and thoroughness that I do not receive from other research firms, even those with more well-known names. Where others’ work may be prone to being too high level or not comprehensive enough for our use, Northeast Group’s research is of the highest quality.

- John D. McDonald, Director, Technical Strategy and Policy Development, GE Digital Energy
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