Smart Cities

The once boring and staid municipal infrastructure market has woken up to embrace digital technology. Street lighting infrastructure lies at the center of this evolution. From energy efficient LEDs and smart nodes to a host of additional sensors, streetlights are now critical assets at the center of cities’ efforts to modernize their infrastructure.

Northeast Group has the world’s most comprehensive data on the global street lighting market. Our datasets and studies provide a quantification of market size by country and by city, the ownership structure of streetlights, details on conversion status to LED and smart nodes and other details.

But the smart cities market does not end with streetlights. Smart parking, EV charging infrastructure, air quality monitoring, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and new mobility solutions are just beginning to scale. Northeast Group is carefully tracking the evolution of these dynamic new markets and has published a number of studies and datasets covering them.

Smart Utility Infrastructure

Utilities are undergoing digitalization at a rapid rate. Analog electromechanical meters are being upgraded to smart two-way communicating meters, unlocking a host of benefits for both customers and utilities. Moving further into the grid, sensors, grid automation solutions, distributed energy resources (DERs) and other technological breakthroughs are making the power system more flexible, resilient and efficient.

Electric utilities are not alone in undergoing this evolution. Both water and gas utilities are also deploying advanced technologies throughout their metering and grid networks to automate processes, reduce system losses and improve efficiency. Northeast Group has an extensive catalog of research products covering the electric, water and gas segments.


Northeast Group’s proprietary datasets cover nearly every country in the world, with in-depth coverage for 134 countries.