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Outlook 2023: Top 50 Global AMI Markets

A study of the leading 50 countries for smart metering (AMI) investment over the next five years. Research includes both first-time and AMI 2.0 deployments.

2023-01-25T17:39:02+00:00January 2023|

Global Electricity Metering Market Dataset

An Excel dataset and slide pack on the $13.8 billion annual electricity metering market across 133 individual countries.

2022-12-20T21:56:18+00:00December 2022|

Research Note

A 9-page research note covering the Enlit Europe conference held in Frankfurt, Germany.

2022-12-13T16:34:00+00:00December 2022|

Research Note

A 7-page research note covering the Smart City Expo conference held in Barcelona, Spain.

2022-12-13T16:30:23+00:00November 2022|

Top 500 US Cities Dataset: Smart Street Lighting & Smart Cities

A dataset of the top 500 US cities including: number of streetlights per city and ownership details, LED and “smart” penetration rate, smart city programs, EV chargers and a smart city readiness score. Deliverables include Excel dataset and executive summary slides.

2022-11-09T14:53:28+00:00November 2022|

Smart Street Lighting Project Tracker

A database of 180+ smart street lighting projects globally totaling more than 21 million streetlights that are ongoing or in the planning stages.

2022-10-31T18:28:49+00:00October 2022|

Research Note

A 5-page research note covering the Street & Area Lighting Conference (SALC) held in Dallas and the Smart Cities Connect (SCC) event held in Washington, DC.

2022-10-24T15:13:58+00:00October 2022|

Global Water Metering Market Dataset

An Excel dataset and slide pack covering the $4.9 billion annual water metering market across 125 individual countries over the period 2022-2031.

2022-10-07T18:23:26+00:00October 2022|

Research Note

A 6-page research note covering the Enlit Asia conference held in Bangkok, Thailand.

2022-09-26T20:33:17+00:00September 2022|

Global Smart Street Lighting & Smart Cities

A 125-country dataset and executive summary presentation covering the global market for smart street lighting. Latest mid-year 2022 forecasts are included.

2022-06-24T17:11:06+00:00June 2022|
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